3 Changes That Will Bring Your Content From Good to Great

By Greg Audino

Chances are this isn’t the first article you’ve read about content creation. If you’re here, you’re probably taking your career as a creator seriously and have locked down a lot of the basics. You’ve most likely:

  • Began creating content on a regular or daily basis
  • Identified your audience and what you offer them
  • Learned how to make visually appealing thumbnails or pages

The list goes on.

It takes a lot to be a good, effective content creator who does more than throw spaghetti at the wall. But the job isn’t done. What gear do you need to shift into to take your content from good to great?

How to Take Your Content Creation to the Next Level

  1. Study

Whether your focus is on helping people get fit or taking random dares in the middle of the street, there is something for you to study, and the best creators in your niche are already doing it.

For creators that are teaching a certain skill, what to study might be obvious. Fitness influencers need to be aware of new research, trends, and methods in the fitness industry. Creators who teach a language should be studying different teaching techniques. This is critical for being able to solve your audience’s problems using information and examples instead of personal opinions.

And all creators, including those who aren’t necessarily helping their audience reach a certain goal, must not just rely on being fun, but fiercely pursue the latest information on algorithms, what goes into making a viral post, SEO, what similar creators are doing, and much more.

  1. Go to Your Audience

A great creator is humble enough to know that they must follow their audience rather than force them. They find success because they don’t waste time on a platform that isn’t for them, trying to convince an audience that they have a problem they don’t really have.

Instead, they know what problem they want to fix, they find the audience that is suffering from that problem, and they go to them.

For example, a creator who specializes in helping young influencers create short, dynamic videos, would be unwise to spend a lot of time marketing on Facebook, where the demographic is older and videos are not a significant part of the platform. Rather than insisting that their Facebook followers take their class, they’d make their way to Tik Tok where their audience is already spending time.

  1. Offer Something New

Yes, you want to learn from the pros in your industry. And maybe you do have your own voice. But are you saying something no one has heard before?

Well, probably not. That’s hard to do! But you can present it in a new way, and this is often how you sculpt a truly new niche for yourself.

A perfect example of this would be Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. With his profanity and edginess, Mark has turned the personal-development industry upside down. But he has gone on to say that many of his ideas aren’t necessarily new. Instead, they’re repurposed and presented in a new way.

While his research and citations show that he is not always the first to arrive at the concepts he writes about, he is the first to successfully relay them with so much humor and foul language. He’s a talented and highly intelligent writer, but his audience grows because of his unique approach.

You, too, may be very skilled in your area of expertise. But if you’re a creator who is looking to upscale, it’s important to know that good content isn’t always content that converts. Make these three changes to ensure that your hard work is getting as many eyeballs as possible.

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