4 Self-Reflection Questions to Avoid Burnout

By Greg Audino

It almost feels like I’m getting a taste of celebrity, but it’s never consistent and as soon as you get it, it’s gone and you’re constantly trying to get it back. It feels like I’m trying to capture this prize, but I don’t know what the prize even is.

- Lauren Stasyna, Tik Tok 289.5k followers

Like anything great in life, being a gifted content creator comes with its own challenges.

For creators who make it their daily mission to push the limit and do more, it’s tough to know when they’re pushing themselves too far. It’s tough for creators like Lauren to keep track of where the line - or “prize” is.

This is called burnout, and if you’re ready to understand it and break out of it, you’re in the right place.

4 Questions That Will Help You Solve Your Burnout

  1. What Do You Like Doing Outside of Work?

Even with a great job, there’s still more to life. Ask yourself whether or not you’ve built a life to be excited about outside of work. If the answer is no, what can you start scheduling that you’d look forward to? Some ideas might be:

- Time with family or friends
- Weekend getaways or extended vacations
- A sport you used to enjoy as a child
- Classes to learn a skill you’ve always been curious about

Looking at this question a little differently, you might also ask yourself if there’s anything you’re trying to avoid by working so much.

Does ongoing content creation actually help distract you from something important, like a tough relationship or a stressful decision you have to make?

If so, how can you separate this issue from your content creation, and handle it in a healthier way?

Think about what type of person you want to be regardless of your content creation, and if you’re being that person.

  1. When Was the Last Time You Shut Off From Social Media?

If you can remember a time when you had better work-life balance, then the next thing to try to remember is what else changed around that time.

Did burnout creep in over time, or was there a specific moment when you went from 0-100?

Did you experience a loss in your life?

Did you move?

Did you start sleeping less or turn your back on other acts of self-care?

Think about any big changes, and if you can work with them or reverse them to get yourself back into a healthier routine.

  1. How Do You Really Feel About Content Creation?

Just because content creation started off fun, doesn’t mean it’ll always stay that way. It’s time to give credit to the other feelings you’re having, and how big a part they’re paying.

What’s going through your mind when you’re making your seventh video in three days?

Maybe you’re feeling competitive towards other creators, or pressuring yourself to make each video better than the last.

If the feelings aren’t good ones, dig deeper.

What do you do in your life that isn’t about competition?

Do you forgive yourself on the days when you’re just feeling off?

Is there someone who’s less loving towards you when you don’t perform as well?

Does your success define you, or could that be a story you’re telling yourself?

  1. If Your Content Creation Ended Tomorrow, What Would Be Your First Concern?

If “a lack of joy” isn’t your strongest answer, then there’s probably an unfulfilled need that’s causing you burnout.

Maybe you feel guilty for letting your audience down.

Maybe you’re worried about money.

Maybe you’re scared of being unproductive.

Maybe you don’t know what other skills you could turn into a job.

Maybe you feel you no longer have a sense of purpose.

Whatever the case may be, dig deeper, ask more questions, or consider the help of a therapist.

Say you were feeling guilt. More questions might look like this:

What would be my concern if I had to stop creating?

Guilt about what?
Letting my followers down.

Is there something I owe my followers?
I owe them regular content.

Says who?
Well, that’s the rhythm they’ve gotten used to.

But is that rhythm still fun or fair to me?
Wouldn’t my audience and I be able to get used to a new routine?
Don’t I want an audience that respects my boundaries?

And so on.

What You Can Do About Burnout

When you’re on the grind creating content and you see your hard work paying off, it can be hard to know when the less obvious things, like your mental health, could be slipping. Whether or not you’re experiencing burnout, ask yourself these questions, and keep your eye on the prize.

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