7 Steps For Creating Your Signature Offer

By Greg Audino

Monetization is an art form, and busy content creators need to take a careful approach once they’re ready to charge for their services.

Your signature product (or the main service you offer) might be a course, an extended coaching program, or something similar. It’s your highest ticket product in which you provide the most valuable information, attention, and exclusivity.

Let’s look at how to build and market a signature product in a way that puts potential buyers at ease and gives them full confidence in your services.

  1. Make Sure it’s No Less Than 8 Weeks

Assuming your signature product is based in teaching or coaching and isn’t ongoing, keep it to 8 weeks at a minimum. People want to know that the work is involved, when they’re getting a result, and that you’re clear on how long it takes to get them there.

Consider increasing in increments of 4 weeks, as months are a good measurement. 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or 16 weeks are all ideal timeframes.

  1. Have a Smaller Offer For 6 Weeks or Less

A great way to springboard people into your signature product is by having a supporting product for them to start with. The supporting product is essential for building trust, so consider creating either a free or significantly less expensive service that leaves them wanting more. It should offer less customization and individual attention, but tackle similar content.

  1. Offer Different Payment Options

While it’s up to you to settle on a price that is fair to you and your buyers, give them flexibility in how they can pay. Some ideas include:

  • Options to pay each week, each month or in full
  • Credit Card
  • Venmo
  • Cash
  • Check
  • PayPal
  1. Have the Right Name

You want your signature product to stand out from your other offerings, and what better way to do that than by labeling it with a specific name that lets people know of its exclusivity?

In addition to being detailed about what you’re offering people, consider pairing it with words like:

  • Academy
  • Bootcamp
  • Course
  • University
  • Accelerator
  • Program

Example: 8 Weeks to Shredded Abs Academy

  1. A Bulleted List of What it Includes

Whether you’re advertising your signature product in a live video, a blog post, or anything in between, you want to have a bulleted list of what the program offers.

People need their information streamlined, so the better you are at condensing the main benefits and main points of your program in easy-to-understand terms, the more you’ll convert.

  1. Boundaries

Success does not exist without boundaries. Monetizing your content is no different. Your services are most helpful and most clear to you and your buyers alike when you’ve established what you do and don’t offer, who you do and don’t work with, what payment you will and will not accept, etc.

  1. Prices That End in 7

You know we had to save this one for Step 7!

Maybe it’s because 7s are associated with luck, or maybe it’s because they ride that line of a mid-range to a high-range number. Whatever the case may be, studies suggest that prices that end in 7 tend to sell the most.

Thinking of pricing your 8-week course at $1099? Consider dropping it to $1097 and try not to lose sleep over it. You’ll probably see a few extra applications roll in!

Business Insider