A One-on-One With Johnny Thai

By Greg Audino

This week, I sat down for a quick interview with Johnny Thai. Johnny is one of the most stylish (and not to mention thoughtful) creators that we’re proud to have on Vibely. Read on to learn more about his values, inspiration and mission as a creator. Don’t forget to check him out on Instagram, YouTube, and join his community on Vibely!

  1. What is your content about and what inspired you to start creating it?

My content revolves around men’s fashion, particularly in the Streetwear scene but I like to dabble and mix different fashion styles.

But honestly, a way to determine my own path was the inspiration for pursuing content creation. But New York City itself is how I got into fashion in the first place.

  1. What impact do you hope your content has on the world?

I hope my content showcases that you can find true confidence through fashion, not a façade of actually wanting validation from others based on your outfit; true confidence being comfortable wearing anything and being open minded to trying new things.

I also hope my work ethic inspires others to feel that they don’t need to follow the path they were set. You can determine your future if you work for it.

  1. What’s one truth about your life as a creator that you think most people might not expect?

That some single pieces of content can take 10 min to make and others 10+ hours to make. And I’m in my boxers a lot.

  1. Does content creation feel like a forever thing for you, or do you have other professional goals?

Nothing is forever. I’d love to ride the social media wave as long as I can, but as always, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  1. What is your creative process like?

Not what you think. Most of my ideas come when I’m singing in the shower. Then I’ll sit down and think about the talking points I want to hit.

I’ll throw on some music, script the video, shoot the b-roll and main talking points, and sit in front of the computer for 10 hours editing pictures, and videos sarcastic thumbs up

  1. What struggles have you had as a creator and how have you overcome them?

The biggest struggle is comparing yourself to other creators. It pushes you as a creator but it can get toxic and it’s all a self mind game to minimize how often that happens.

And sleep! Content creator hours are a real thing.

  1. How does your content reflect your personal values?

Uplifting others instead of belittling them and working hard to determine your own future.

  1. What creators or what types of content do you follow for your own interests?

Believe it or not, I don’t consume much fashion content anymore. I get the biggest inspiration from cooking channels, architecture, art, and video essays.

  1. What advice do you have for up and coming creators?

I say this to EVERYONE and I really mean it:

You have to be committed for at least a year - bare minimum - or you won’t make it.

Most people can’t even create 10 YT videos without giving up. Most people won’t hit 20 Tik toks or Reels.

If you can do tha, you’ve done more than your average person and that puts you ahead.

You really just need one piece of content to take you there and sometimes most people are just a few or so away from that.

Also, for the most part, your 20’s are the years you have absolutely zero responsibility. This is when you should be taking risks.

The older you get, when you get a dog, buy a house, have kids etc, each of those is an additional obstacle that can stop you from going for what you want.

Think about it. What’s a responsibility that stopped you from trying something? Sometimes that’s the opinions of others.

Can’t let the opinions of others control your destiny.

  1. How has your experience been with Vibely, and how has it helped you accomplish your goals as a creator?

Vibely has been awesome! Interacting with those that support me, giving and receiving feedback.

It’s more personal than just a YouTube comment or a reply on IG or Tik tok.

I feel more connected to my followers and that is very valuable to the creator and those that support the creator.

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