How to Create Content That Lands Clients 7 Days a Week

By Greg Audino

Two very common problems that creators run into are:

  1. How to keep coming up with ideas for regular content production
  2. How to know whether those ideas are just filling space, or actually landing clients

Not only are these thoughts stressful, but in the hours spent trying to solve them, creators are losing precious time.

Luckily, just as there are seven days in a week, there are also seven types of content that can be utilized to convert followers into paid coaching clients.

Reflect on the following types of content, what they’d look like for you, and how you can assign one to each day of the week.

  1. Instructional

Nothing is as important as showcasing your abilities, so that people can know what they’ll be learning from you. The backbone of every creator who is looking to coach is knowledge or a skillset that they can teach to others. At least once a week, share a post in which you’re educating your followers and proving that you have something valuable to offer them.

  1. Social Proof

Potential clients want to know the waters are safe before spending their hard-earned money, so it’s extremely important to be sharing posts that prove how successful you’ve been. Posts like these can include testimonials from happy clients, interviews you’ve done, articles of yours that have been featured, or write ups that have showcased your expertise.

  1. Identifying Your Ideal Clients’ Struggles

No one will pay for your services if they don’t first feel heard. Instead of shying away from the tough stuff, be sure to post about what your ideal clients are going through. Create content that gets serious about what they’re thinking, what they’re going through, the risks involved if they don’t make a change, and most importantly, how you can help them make that change.

  1. Pitch

You’ll have to continually remind your followers of how they can get more from you rather than expecting them to seek it out on their own. If your course, coaching program, or other paid resources are currently in development, be sure to have free materials on hand so you can make pitches each week. This is a great opportunity to create a free PDF, challenge, Q&A session, and more!

  1. Your Story

Not to be overlooked is the importance of sharing your own story with potential clients that are in the same position that you used to be in. Be vulnerable and share your background, what drove you to become an expert in your field, and the emotional rollercoaster of it all. Round this post out with the most helpful piece of information you learned that took you to the next level, and how you can teach it to them.

  1. Your Commentary

Creators know the value in separating themselves from competitors and having something unique to say. Once a week, take a break from conventional wisdom that anyone can read about and share a raw post that’s all about your personal ideas and opinions about your area of expertise. Give your followers a new way of looking at things.

  1. A Day in the Life

Lifestyle posts offer a great combination of helping your followers get to know you, trust you, and see your own teachings put into action. Create playful posts that show you following your own advice - think of a fitness creator focusing a sweaty selfie right after their early morning workout.

There is also room to be even more relaxed, and post appropriate photos from your normal life that have nothing to do with what you’re teaching - like photos of your pets, vacations, or family dinners.

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