How to Identify and Manage Stress as a Content Creator

By Greg Audino

Like many busy professionals or self-proclaimed over-achievers, content creators often make the mistake of thinking that feeling stressed is necessary for success. This mentality negatively affects us in many ways, including:

  • In our professional lives - because we are not creating work from a clear headspace, making us more prone to prioritizing quantity over quality
  • In our personal lives - because we start to identify stress as normal, and almost inevitably, something to be proud of

It’s key to understand that we can push ourselves and experience challenges, but manage it all in such a way that it doesn’t become stressful. Therefore, feeling stressed is not necessary.

Break Down Challenges to Avoid Stress

If you’re a content creator feeling stressed out, it’s critical to not lump the stress together and not mistake it for being larger than it is. Instead, ask yourself, “What specifically am I stressed about?”

Let’s look at some common stressors for content creators and how we can break them down into easy, bite-sized chunks.

  1. I Don’t Have Time For Other Things

What don’t you have time for, and how can you schedule your creation in such a way to allow for those things?

Rather than having a “push through everything no matter what” work mentality, instead, reflect on how you can organize your time in such a way that you’re still able to fulfill your values.

For example, if date nights are important to your partner, and you value your partner over your work, then talk with your partner about specific times that you’ll go on dates or be together without distraction, and schedule work around them.

  1. I’m Out of Creative Ideas

Creators can take a similar approach when it comes to creativity. Reflect on the things in your life that fuel creativity, be it going to a museum, reading books, spending time in nature, or anything else.

Consider devoting specific time to tending to these sources of creativity without distraction, and allowing yourself to simply indulge in them without putting pressure on yourself to have a masterful idea on the other side.

  1. I Don’t Feel My Work is Meaningful

Why not? What does meaningful work look like to you, and what does a meaningful work life look like to you?

Click that link, and paint a detailed picture of what your perfect workday would look like - both in terms of the work you’re doing and how you’re doing it - and look for opportunities to bridge the gap and introduce more of your core values into your daily routine.

  1. I’m Not Getting Enough Sleep or Exercise

Maybe what feels like mental stress is actually just physical, and while you’re able to churn out quality content with a smile on your face, the real problem is that you’re neglecting sleep and/or exercise.

Use this as yet another opportunity to set up boundaries around your work, and create a schedule based on when would be an appropriate time to start work, stop work, nap, or exercise.

When we get carried away by stressful feelings, we confuse the true sources of stress and become suspicious or resentful of things that are actually going quite well.

Name the specifics of your stress and regain control by creating a work schedule that permits enough time and respect to whatever is troubling you.

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