March 31, 2020

How to Keep your Mind Active During Quarantine

Between working at the kitchen table, watching movies in bed, and sitting on the sofa, it’s easy to feel bored during quarantine.

One of the few silver linings of lockdown is that museums, galleries and brands are finding fun ways to interact with us from our homes to help us to feel more inspired. Find something that keeps your mind active, starting with the list below, and then find others to join you on Vibely. We can all beat boredom together.

#1. Poetry Corner

Assign a random topic to each group member and give everyone a few minutes to prepare a poem or limerick about their topic, to present back on Zoom. Sites like will help to keep this as random as possible. Take a note from actor Patrick Stewart, who is taking to Twitter to read Shakespeare’s sonnets, and try to deliver dramatically!

#2. Quiz Time

The group leader should assign everyone in the group a topic, for example “music” or “food and drink.” Everyone should then go away and prepare a three-question quiz on their topic, bringing their questions back to the group for an evening quiz night. Everyone can keep their own scores but it might be more interesting to keep it non-competitive and discuss the answers as you go.

#3. Design your Dream Holiday with Google Earth

When we’re free from lockdown and the world slowly becomes a safe place again, traveling will be the first item on the agenda for many cooped up explorers – so why not design your dream holiday with Google Earth? This free web-based platform uses satellite imagery to show you even the most far flung corners of the globe. Find the most interesting places you can, from hidden city gems to remote canyons, and share with your group.

#4. Watch Party

For those who don’t have time to read a whole book during the week but might have a couple of hours spare, why not start a film review club? Select a film and agree on a time to hold your watch party. The next day, everyone can review their highlights and lowlights. This could even be a weekly activity, with a different group member selecting the film or documentary every week.

#5. In Today’s News…

Make it your mission to find one news story per day that does not relate to the pandemic. This could be a good news story or just something that’s been overlooked in the media. Start a news bulletin Zoom and take it in turns to share stories with the group. Keeping your mind active isn’t just essential, it can also be fun. It would be too easy to fill in a crossword puzzle or play solitaire alone, so try and find ways to keep your mind busy while staying as connected as possible. If you’re up for it, check out some online challenges to keep you busy as well. Your brain and your new Vibely friends will thank you for it.

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