How to Use Burnout to Your Advantage

By Greg Audino

As a content creator, how do you see yourself?

Maybe you’re someone who sets trends.

Maybe you’re someone who drops truth bombs.

Or, maybe you’re someone who just loves to express themselves and would like to inspire others to do the same with a few laughs along the way.

But when you’re facing burnout as a content creator, how can you be expected to do any of these things with your usual energy and enthusiasm?

As a content creator who’s feeling burnt out and disconnected, you might have a better opportunity to connect with your audience than ever before.

Connect with Your Audience in a New Way

Let’s talk about freedom of expression for a second.

Each day, more people are celebrating their beliefs, backgrounds, who they choose to love and who they choose to be.

And where does this bravery come from? It comes from the great minds who own their truths and encourage others to do the same.

And you, creator, are one of those great minds! You may be tired, but you are still empowered.

Instead of hiding your burnout and only thinking about how it’s hurting you, make friends with it, and think about how it’s trying to help you!

Give These Gifts to Your Followers

You’re in the business of connecting with people, so connect with them. When you open up about your struggle, you’re really giving yourself and your audience some great gifts!

  1. You’re giving your followers the gift of who you really are, blemishes and all, so they can get to know you better.

  2. You’re creating a better bond with your followers. When you’re honest about how you can’t always be a content-producing machine, you help them see you as more of a friend and less of a product.

  3. You’re giving them quality over quantity. When you produce real content on your own terms, you build an audience that enjoys the work, but cares about the creator behind it.

  4. Finally, you’re giving them the gift of a good example. When they see you open up about your own troubles, they feel more confident to open up about theirs.

Your True Fans Will Be On Your Side

Sometimes when you’re burnt out, you just need a break. I would never tell you to not take that time for yourself.

Just know that you have true fans who you don’t need to hide it from. They want to know the real you.

When you bond with your audience over your feelings of burnout, you can become the face of healthy change, and create a more meaningful social media presence for both you and them.

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