There’s no getting around it, the world has firmly and swiftly moved online.

Things we never thought would change have been transformed right before our eyes. It is a testament to the human spirit just how quickly and effectively we’ve been able to not only adapt, but thrive online.

One of the biggest challenges we’re collectively facing is how to stay socially connected in a time where social distancing is the norm. Staying connected is not only vital to our livelihoods, but also our mental health.

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Staying inside, watching TV and eating snacks: it doesn’t sound too bad… until it’s enforced. We all know that social interaction is vital for our physical and mental health, which is why a compulsory lockdown can be challenging, particularly for those of us who live alone.

Fortunately for phones, the internet and platforms like Vibely, you can feel connected even when you’re physically distant. Challenges present a fun opportunity to get some friends together and have a little bit of healthy competition. Call your friends and hop online- here are our top 5 quarantine challenges to bring your friends together from afar:

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Between working at the kitchen table, watching movies in bed, and sitting on the sofa, it’s easy to feel bored during quarantine.

One of the few silver linings of lockdown is that museums, galleries and brands are finding fun ways to interact with us from our homes to help us to feel more inspired. Find something that keeps your mind active, starting with the list below, and then find others to join you on Vibely. We can all beat boredom together.

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