Land Coaching Clients With These Conversation Techniques

By Greg Audino

As a content creator, it can be easy to forget that you’re also a salesperson. This is especially true if you’re trying to develop a coaching program and looking to convert clients from your platform.

But if you’re new to the game and don’t have people fighting tooth and nail for your services each time you post about them, how do you gain their trust?


I know, the idea of being social on social media can be frightening. But when we remember that we’re reaching out to these people because we genuinely want to help them, sales conversations take on a new energy.

Let’s look at how to approach current followers and potential followers for the first time.

Current Followers

The objectives when reaching out to current follower are:

  • Acknowledge their engagement
  • Show your vulnerability
  • Find out what they need

A brief conversation starter that integrates these three objectives might look like:

“Hi (name)!

I appreciate you (following me on my journey/voting on my poll the other day/commenting on or liking my last post)!

(I’m really trying to come up with great content ideas right now/ I never know exactly what to post/ I hope you don’t mind me reaching out about this), but I wonder if you could help me out!

(Is there anything you’re struggling with specifically/ Do you have any questions you need answered/ What kind of content is most helpful for you)?

I’d love to learn more about your journey, because I’m sure that sharing more content that helps you will help a lot of others, as well!”

Potential Followers

The objectives when reaching out to a potential follower are:

  • Reference their content
  • Learn about them
  • Form a bond

There’s a lot to learn about your potential follower, so you’ll need a fragmented approach to achieve your objectives.

Start by asking an easygoing question about a recent post of theirs that links your areas of interest. For example, if you’re a fitness creator, you might ask about their recent picture of them on a Peloton:

“Hey (name)!

How’s Peloton treating you so far? Haven’t taken the plunge on buying one quite yet!”

From there, you might ask about what this post has to do with their goals - goals that you can help them achieve:

“So is your goal to maybe improve cardio right now? Or do you just like working out from the house?”

Once you learn a bit about what they need, identify with them! Chances are you’ve been there before or worked with someone who felt the same way.

“Yeah, been there. The struggle is real!”

Scheduling a Discovery Call

Once you’ve built a rapport and learned what they need, you’re well positioned to invite either a current or potential follower to a free coaching call.

Depending on how much they know about what you offer, your pitch may look something like this:

“You know, the more you tell me about (their goals), the more I feel I could help you out. In my coaching program, I’ve worked with a lot of clients who also (share their goal). How would you feel about hopping on the phone, no charge, so I can learn more about you and see if it’s a good fit?”

From here, you’ll receive a yes or no.

If it’s a yes, have a service like Calendly ready so it’s easy for them to book. If it’s a no, respect their decision, tell them it’s not a problem, and assure them that you’re always there if they decide to change their mind.

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