Positive and safe communities, owned by you

Reach your community members anytime. No trolls or negativity.

Kickstart in Minutes

Self-organized circles

  • Groupchats across the world Breakout groups by topic & city. Empower intimate discussions about any topic you choose.
  • Pin an announcement to all the circles New video? New merch? Get your message out consistently to your members. Everyone gets a push notification and email, while seeing it in your community.

Exclusive Challenges

  • Inspire your community to take action Your content inspires action. Allow members to complete challenges, track their progress, and submit photos & videos to share with the community.
  • User-generated content at your fingertips Imagine what you can do with your community‚Äôs content! Create a compilation or share insights once a challenge ends.


  • Easily nominate ambassadors Handpick ambassadors from your community. Select an ambassador in one tap.
  • Ambassadors lead your initiatives Accountability program? Feedback sessions? Weekly events? Your community will never be more engaged.

Online meetups (and offline post-covid)

  • Your community self-organizes meetups Members start meetups, collect RSVPs, and organize events on your behalf. Empower the community to hang out.
  • Everyone gets reminders Members get reminded for upcoming events.

Crush it together

Join exciting communities. Meet new IG friends,
accept challenges, and crush your goals together.

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