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Hey guys. I am from India and I am highly introvered person and I was wanted to talk to new people so that I would feel happy and possitive. Its really a very great platform building up and healhty and happy vibes. Nice to meet you people! Feeling happy in being a part of this community
I’m still amazed that I’m showing up without excuses everyday. This means a lot to me. I started listening to affirmation meditations druing this challenge and so when I do the liberation kriya after work, my energy and vibe goes up and I feel amazing. Could NOT do this without this community. Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement to keep going! Day 18 💕
Just wanted to show my appreciation to this amazing community. A couple of years ago, when Girls Gone Global started, I was living in a foreign country, traveling, discovering myself and I was so glad to find this group of girls. I was so ready to meet new friends, ask for advice and share some experiences. Then Vibely changed everything ✨ I felt so connected with the girls around the world and excited to meet some GGG during my trip!
I joined Familee because I was lucking inspiration, I had difficulties to stay productive. Since I am in this group I saw that many people could relate to me! We enjoy the same kind of activities, movies, music, books and even more it made me realize that I am not the only one in the boat. And it helped me to keep me head up and staying productive! 🙏

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